TIBA report|Internationally renowned media focus, why is TIBA attracting attention?

In 1998, with rich industry experience and professional knowledge, Mr. Robert Wennekes founded The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands. In 2014 The International Butler Academy China was established as the sole branch of TIBA worldwide.

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With the rapid business development in TIBA-China, many international media made special reports on this academy.

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 After the establishment of TIBA China, the academy provided the opportunity to potential talents stepping into the high-end service industry. Meanwhile, many frontier companies and private households seized butler talents through TIBA China. As a successful pioneer in international butler service training industry, a lot of followers emerged from the market trying to copy the business mode.

TIBA has established the top professional standard in international private butler training industry.

  The 19th TIBA training is upcoming,

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  Training Dates

  Aug. 17th 2020 to Sep. 27th, 2020


  Training Location


  TIBA China Campus

  No. 2 Longzhou Rd., Jinjiang District, Chengdu, P.R., China

  Course Content

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Registration entrance

 133 0804 9771 / 028-8561 5536

Online Enrollment

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Why Choose Us?

International Instructor Team

The instructor team comes from TIBA headquarters and top service industry professionals worldwide. TIBA instructor team will present internalized service concept and service skills to our attendants.

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Our Clients

Our cooperators include Veuve Clicquot, Laura Chavin Cigars, Laura star, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Robert Mondavi Winery. Luxury hotels and resorts include: InterContinental Hotels Group, St. Regis Hotels, The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons Hotels, Aman Resorts and Ascott, etc.

In Asia-Pacific, our clients include Sino-Ocean Land, Greentown Service and Luneng property from real estate industry, the flagship airline of HNA Group and multinational technology company Huawei Technologies.

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  What do you get from here?

Obtain the global-recognized TIBA certificate.

Obtain the access to The International Guild of Professional Butlers. You will benefit from the membership in the areas of industry information, career planning, and employment service, etc.

Life-long employment guidance service,The average salary exceeds RMB 25000.

TIBA certificate is the global top service pass not only in the butler industry but also to the royal families and nobles.

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Join TIBA, the global top butler academy.

Contribute to global service with us.

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