Individual membership rights


An authoritative certification——International Professional Butler Alliance Star Butler Certification

Six core rights——Accurate one-to-one service, from study to employment

Three circle activities——Integrate high-end resources, gather the power of the circle

Exclusive internal promotion——TIBA certified international butler instructor qualification, participate in global teaching

Personal authentication process

Star certification: Butler service ability evaluation standard


The Eye of Butler Service Ability

From the perspective of the industry’s forefront, the International Professional Butler Alliance launched the "Butler Service Ability Evaluation Standard" based on the application scenarios of high-end services. This standard was formulated by the "International Professional Butler Alliance Expert Committee", from the "customer dimension" and "basic capabilities". The four dimensions of "Professional Ability" and "Management Ability" fully consider the comprehensive service capabilities of professional butlers.

Star certification: Butler service ability level training


Chief Butler:
Industry influence + expert talents + leadership + training

Three star housekeeper:
Professional butler service skills + management ability module + professional intensive courses + international professional butler three-star certificate

Two-star butler:
Professional butler service basic skills + theory and tool support + international professional butler two-star certificate

One star housekeeper:
Basic skills of professional butler service + basic service theory and tool support + one-star certificate of international professional butler

Corporate membership rights


An authoritative certification——Top brands in the field of international housekeeping support product power

Two days of free training——Provide customized butler service training courses

Two quality inspections——Focus on service details, perfect service quality

Three circle activities——High-end customized activities release service value

Six precision services——Link the resources of the General Hospital, one-stop global serviceTIBA China

Enterprise certification process

Corporate Membership: Evaluation Criteria


Member companies

The International Professional Butler Alliance considers the service concept and value system of corporate members from the three fields of "culture", "talent" and "standard", bringing forward-looking service development vision to corporate members and providing sustainable development service support.

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