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One Star Butler Course
One Star Butler Course

One Star Butler Course

As an introductory course in the field of international butler service, Onestar Butler will help you open the door to the butler industry, from which you can learn basic skills and service knowledge, and at the same time understand the basic qualities necessary for a butler. You can also find out whether you are a potential housekeeper.

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Suitable for the crowd

Students over 18 years old who are interested in high-end service industry;

Employees in the service industry who want to enter the field of private butler services (high-end hotels, high-end real estate, civil aviation);

Employers interested in private butler service business;

Social people interested in the field of private butlers.

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Teaching objectives

Master basic butler service skills;

Master the basic butler service management tools.

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Course Introduction

TIBA one-star butler course is one of the standard series of courses in the field of international butler. The one-star course aims to cultivate 21 world modern stewards who are in sync with the times. He/she not only needs to manage private banquets, but also needs to act as an administrative manager, usually in charge of houses worth more than millions of dollars or assets of the same value.

The TIBA one-star course consists of three modules: quality and thinking module, professional skills and training module, and service management module.

Among the modules of the TIBA one-star course, the quality and thinking module and the professional skills and training module are more important, supplemented by the knowledge content of the service management module. The content of the course is from simple to deep. After completing the one-star course, students will be able to understand the work content of private butlers, master basic butler skills, and master basic butler management tools.

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One-star courses include lecture hours: 45.5 hours; 6.5 hours per day.

The one-star course includes training hours: 31.5 hours; daily training hours are 4.5 hours.

Total course time for the one-star course: 45.5+31.5=77 class hours, an average of 11 class hours per day, which takes 7 days.

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Characteristics of teaching method

Progressive teaching: from the shallower to the deeper, the skills and management tools are taught systematically. From the establishment of the concept of butler service to the course, the skills are stepped up to help students effectively absorb knowledge.

Teaching X training: The course content and training content are perfectly integrated 1:1, so that students can truly master relevant skills while absorbing classroom knowledge, and apply what they have learned in the work environment.

Star certification: Starting from a one-star course, students can successively achieve two-star and three-star certification, and in a continuous career, they will eventually achieve the career goal of the chief steward.

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