TIBA ChinaTIBA ChinaThe site of the general college is a local 100 year old historic building

  In October 2016, the side of the general College moved from Warburg Oster, the Netherlands to new parfield. The castle in Auster used to be a holiday home for the Dutch Royal family, but now the new school site, with a single building covering more than 8000 square meters, was one of the most important monasteries in the area before 1997. In 2013, Mr. Robert Wennekes, the founder of The International Butler Academy, selected this place and started the formal decoration in March 2015. On November 6, the College held a grand opening ceremony of the new campus.

TIBA China

TIBA ChinaChina branch of The International Butler Academy

  Founded in 2014, the Chinese branch of the The International Butler Academy is the only branch in the world. It is located in the beautiful Chengdu, Sichuan Province, radiating the entire Asia Pacific region. China branch not only provides professional butler courses synchronized with the general hospital, but also covers project management, consulting, certification alliance, international professional housekeeper export and other businesses.

  Our butler trainees are widely distributed in the Asia Pacific region. They perform their service mission confidently and professionally in private families, luxury yachts, private airplanes, five-star hotels and top properties. With the geometric growth of the demand for high-end services in the Chinese market, we are looking forward to more passionate service elites joining the industry and training more world-class housekeepers.

  After years of precipitation and development, the company has been widely praised and trusted by customers, and has served hundreds of China's first-class real estate enterprises, property, luxury hotels, high-end service industries, among which the well-known cases are: China Railway Group, green city property group, Shimao service group, Jinmao real estate, ocean real estate, Luneng real estate, Langji real estate, Dongyuan real estate, Heneng real estate, etc Our hotel customers include Shanghai Shenkeng Hotel, Sanya jiapeile Hotel, etc. our well-known enterprise customers also include HNA Group, Xiamen Airlines Group, Huawei Group, China BMW Mini, Hunan Mengjie group, etc.

TIBA China

TIBA ChinaDevelopment concept of The International Butler Academy (China)

  As a leader and academic institution in the global butler industry, The International Butler Academy has the responsibility and obligation to provide excellent service concepts to the rapidly developing China. The Chinese branch of The International Butler Academy will do its best to promote the development of the top private butler industry in China, shorten the gap between China's high-end service industry and the world's developed countries, and guide the high-end service industry Healthy and rational development is the practitioner of high-end service and the disseminator of butler service culture. We advocate the service values of "Energy Passion and commitment ", and deeply practice "We Care More Life" service concept, committed to the ultimate service, so that employers feel more beautiful life.

TIBA China

TIBA ChinaService values of "enthusiasm, vitality and commitment"

  As a leader and academic institution in the global butler industry, The International Butler Academy China branch has always been committed to promoting the development of the private butler industry in China. We advocate the service values of "Energy Passion and commitment". We believe that the service culture, service strategy and service commitment of butler service will bring the power of the trend.

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