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As an introductory course in the field of international butler service, Onestar Butler will help you open the door to the butler industry, from which you can learn basic skills, service knowledge, and understand the basic qualities necessary for a butler. You can also find out whether you are a potential housekeeper.

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Course Introduction

TIBA China
TIBA China

Suitable for the crowd

Incumbents in the service industry who wish to enter the field of private butler services

Employers or members of the public who are interested in high-end service industries

The first module Butler perception 3 courses Career Recognition: Deconstructing tde Career Map and Development of Butlers
Scenario recognition: Analyze service scenarios to achieve service management
Second module Skills growtd 14courses Grooming Management: Self-cultivation and Management of Private Butlers
Catering Service: Service Dialogue between Butler and Chinese and Western Catering
Cleaning management: what to do when we manage house cleaning
Equipment maintenance: maintenance of common daily life items
Personal services: The responsibility of a housekeeper is to provide personal services to employers
Service English: Internationalized work scenarios match the corresponding service language
Third module Event management 2 courses Basic matter management course.
Help the housekeeper experience the meaning and content of management in the service.
TIBA China

Learning method: online learning + test
Note: 1. The online course is valid for one year.

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Specific course catalog

Chapter 1  Introduction to Butler and Thinking Module

Chapter 1: Section 1: Butler History

This course helps students understand the functions and work modules of a housekeeper by learning the historical development of the housekeeping profession, and understand the personnel structure and specific responsibilities in a private house.

Chapter 1 Section 2: Introduction to Family Management

By understanding the content of family management, understanding the family needs of employers, building a model of service design, and leading the team to complete family service work.

Chapter 1 Section 3: I CARE Butler Service

Butler service requires practitioners to have a very high sense of service smell and sensitivity. This course will help you self-supervise in order to achieve the improvement and even qualitative change of your own service

TIBA China

Chapter 2 Growth of Butler Skills

Chapter 2 Section 1 Butler's Grooming and Appearance

Professional grooming can help butlers add points to the image of the workplace. We will teach the standards of butler grooming through courses. At the same time, it also gives you the ability and tools for self-examination of appearance and instrumentation.

Chapter 2 Section 2 Body Language

Body language can often convey the signal of service and the texture of service appropriately. This course will help you to understand body language and make you a professional butler with elegant body language.

Chapter 2 Section 3 Butler Etiquette

Learning the etiquette and etiquette in social situations will help you improve your first impression in the eyes of the other person. Butlers must not only master different etiquettes, but also be familiar with social taboos, so as to promote a comfortable and harmonious social atmosphere.

Chapter 2 section 4 Chinese table manners

This course will popularize the principles of Chinese cuisine, table arranging and table setting. At the same time, the standard usage of Chinese chopsticks is explained.

Chapter 2 section 5 western style table manners

There are many types of western food, but table manners and etiquette have a certain universality. This course will explain the western food arranging and setting tables. At the same time, the preparation method of western food menu is also described.

Chapter 2 Section 6 Butler Service English

As an international common language, mastering basic service English will help professional butlers to communicate easily in cross-cultural services.

Chapter 2 Section 7 Beverage Service Skills

Red wine is an important asset in a private house. This course will help you learn different knowledge about red wine, and at the same time give a specific explanation of the skills of wine service.

Chapter 2 Section 8 Leather Goods Maintenance

Leather maintenance is a common maintenance scene in the family. Whether it is clothing or shoe maintenance, we will explain detailed maintenance tools and maintenance methods in this course.

Chapter 2 Section 9 Clothes Ironing

This course will explain in detail the main points and steps of ironing clothes by classifying clothes. Help professional housekeepers master this common life skill.

Chapter 2 Section 10 Private Butler Reception Skills

Customer reception is an indispensable professional skill for private butlers. This course will explain different scenarios one by one. Specifically include: queue service, car door service, umbrella service, seating service, etc.

Chapter 2 Section 11 Storage and Organizing

Storage and organization will help us get a clean and refreshing mentality of the house. This course will describe the principles and practical skills of storage to help you complete storage and organization.

Chapter 2 Section 12 House Cleaning

This course divides the private house into different areas to explain practical cleaning skills. Help professional housekeepers to be familiar with the essentials and knowledge of cleaning.

Chapter 2 Section 13 Furniture Maintenance

This course is a large and comprehensive object maintenance course, covering content from furniture to object maintenance, involving rich materials and detailed knowledge.

Chapter 2 Section 14 Recipe Design

"Food is the heaven for the people." This course explains in detail the design, application and management of recipes. Chapter III Management of Private Butler Matters

Chapter 3 Section 1 Grooming and Instrument Management

This course mainly teaches the management standards and tools of appearance, and helps students complete the appearance management of service team.

Chapter 3 Section 2 business pick up management

Business pick-up is one of the most common reception scenarios. This course will combine theory and practical operation to explain how to manage business pick-up. Graduation assessment

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TIBA China

Chapter 4 Graduation Assessment

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