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Three values of the course:

1. To clarify the confusion of career choices

     This course will tell you how to be the most advanced in the service industry; help you clarify the development problems and ideas of your career path.

2. Clarify the requirements for butler ability

    This course will give you a clear understanding of the 4 major competence modules of international professional stewards and help you build a complete toolbox of professional competitiveness.

3. the method and path of growth

    Through real butler growth cases, inspire you to form your own learning methods and paths, and plan your own career development map.

TIBA China

Course knowledge points:

1. The difference between a domestic housekeeper and a royal housekeeper

2. How the housekeeper works in the new environment

3. Employment direction of professional steward

4. Values that a professional steward should possess

5. Four Ability Modules for Butlers

6. Career Growth Path of Butler

TIBA China

Course lecturer:

TIBA China


Address of China branch: 33 Jitai Road, high tech Zone, Chengdu, China
E-mail: info@butlerschool.com.cn

TIBA China


TIBA China

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TIBA China

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