Yi Rong Shengtian, Changzhou New Town

Xincheng Rongshengtianyi is the first project of the cooperation between TIBA and Xinchengyue Service. Through cooperation with TIBA, the water products of the project have been fully upgraded, from personal service to system service, in order to reflect the future community life of the owners. In the cooperation, TIBA provides services such as brand strategy support, personnel training, consulting consultants, and housekeeper on-site services.

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China Railway Construction Property & TIBA, reached multi-city and multi-platform brand cooperation

The presentation and improvement of project quality by high-end services are being valued by more real estate companies. Recently, China Railway Construction Property Management Co., Ltd. and the Netherlands International Housekeeper Academy (China) have reached a brand cooperation, and will use Guiyang Railway Construction City and Chengdu Xipai Huanhua The two projects are pilot projects to carry out long-term and in-depth butler service concept training and service team building.


Xinchengyue Service and TIBA, Decrypt the International Service Gene

With the continuous economic development of Changzhou and its access to the international metropolitan area, the definition of quality housing has also undergone a qualitative leap. People no longer only satisfy the improvement of hard conditions such as facades, decorations, and house types, but pay more and more attention to the complete improvement of the "life chain" to conform to the wave of international quality housing—service first, housing second, software first, hardware second.


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