TIBA hot discussion | Holland International Butler Academy and Shenge Butler to carry out customized training for Chinese high-end life star butlers

In April 2020, the [High-end Life Star Butler Certification Training] jointly established by the Dutch International Butler College and Butler College started smoothly. The training courses not only cover theoretical knowledge such as butler service history, but also extend to immersive teaching experiences such as service ballet and service art.
This certification training injects new connotations into the domestic high-end service industry. It not only improves the professional steward ’s understanding of service art and practical ability in service design from the teaching level, but also redefines the professional steward ’s professional ability training requirements and professional level assessment standard.

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With the continuous economic development of Changzhou and its access to the international metropolitan area, the definition of quality housing has also undergone a qualitative leap. People no longer only satisfy the improvement of hard conditions such as facades, decorations, and house types, but pay more and more attention to the complete improvement of the "life chain" to conform to the wave of international quality housing—service first, housing second, software first, hardware second.


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