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Knowledge point introduction:

1. Name: Pyramid Napkin Master:

    Usually restaurants use this kind of folding flower, which also implies a step up.


2. Name: Golden Lily Napkin Master

    The French admire golden lily flowers, and the corresponding folding napkins is also a common one in restaurants.


3. Name: Strelitzia napkin master

    This is a classic and elegant napkin stacking method, but also has a streamlined dynamic.


4. Name: Silent Service

    Elevator Service is part of the daily work of a housekeeper. We will show how to provide elegant and noble elevator services through silent body language.


5. Name: Greeting and Service

    Butler service in English environment breaks the ice. How to introduce yourself and make your butler service look professional and decent, while letting employers or guests feel your kindness.


6. Name: Proper Guidance

     Do you know how to greet guests? Do you know the language of guidance? Do you know how to give you the right choice? We will provide you with polite guidance.


7. Name: Less is More

    Have you heard of silent services? Are we really required to provide silent services? Maybe there are other reasons.


8. Name: Master of Wine

    Beverage service is the skilled skill of a butler. We will explain the corresponding service skills and skills that need attention.


9. Name: Car door service

    Welcoming employers and customers is a common butler service scenario. Do you know the standards for driving doors? Please let us demonstrate in detail for you.


10. Name: Lady Butler Hairstyle

    Maintaining a professional image every day is a professional requirement for a housekeeper. The image of a professional female housekeeper was quickly established through the demonstration of the dismantling and dismantling steps of the female housekeeper’s distribution.


11. Name: Men's Tie Technique

      The classic male leadership technique named after the Duke of Windsor will be explained in detail in this video, allowing you to become a tie master in seconds.


12. Name: Master of Shoes

      The butler's maintenance of leather shoes requires professionalism and care. Standard procedures and demonstrations can help you master this practical skill.


13. Name: Ironing Master

      How can shirts be ironed to meet the requirements of the star housekeeper? From sleeves to collars, from bottom to button room, we will show you how to become a master of clothes ironing.


14. Name: Guidance Service

      Welcome and guidance are common butler service scenarios. How to be professional and friendly is what this course will show you. Try to think about it, guests from different directions, do you know how to guide them?


15. Name: Chinese Food Placing

      The extensive and profound Chinese food is very particular about the table setting. The layout of the VIP room is also the highlight of the banquet that takes into account both etiquette and practicality. We are here to show you how to present exquisite Chinese food platting techniques.

TIBA China

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