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College Introduction

College Introduction

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Introduction to the Netherlands International Butler Academy

Founded in 1998 and located in the small town of simpelveld in the south of the Netherlands, the Netherlands International Butler Academy is a unique training academy that trains senior professional butlers for private employers, property management and hotels.

We are proud to be the new but also the leading butler service training academy in the industry. We are also proud to be able to provide high-quality services such as employee training and talent recruitment for famous people from all over the world, large international companies, and five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs and luxury cruise ships. Our excellent training performance has also been favored by several royal families including the Dutch royal family and the Jordanian royal family, and both parties signed the "Royal Appointment Letter".

Introduction to the Netherlands International Butler Academy (China)

The Netherlands International Butler College (China) is the only branch school located in the beautiful Chengdu of Sichuan. The Chinese branch is a synchronous course with the main school. At the same time, it has added relevant subjects that are more suitable for the Chinese market. The students will master the service skills of merging Western and Chinese traditions in the classroom. demand.

The faculty team of the college is all sent by the head office. At the same time, the Chinese branch of the Netherlands Institute of International Butlers, together with strategic partners, will bring more high-quality employment opportunities for our students. The Chinese branch of the Dutch International Butler College will lead the Chinese service education.

College Mission

Our mission is to create excellent high-end service elites. We represent high-end service education, training and training of dedicated talents in the field of service arts and residential management. The students are qualified elites in the industry. A high level of competence guarantees a lifetime career. Cultivate a full range of professionals who meet the requirements of the current international service.

No matter who is the customer from which country in the world, no matter how picky you are, our members are fully prepared to be hired. By combining traditional service skills and advanced training techniques, we bring the traditional butler-style service art into the 21st century.

Student Commitment

The letter of commitment is our teaching norms and values, and everyone in it recognizes and abides by this commitment. Each of our staff members must sign this commitment. The TIBA undertaking is the result of hard work of all members. It represents the spirit of TIBA.

"I promise to respect and abide by TIBA's teaching philosophy, canon and values. I am responsible for my behavior, attitude and performance. I will always be full of strength, passion and focus, and use practical actions to reflect high standards of service skills, loyalty, Trust, care and excellence. I will establish and maintain personal obligations and integrity. My mission has been completed. Personality determines attitude, attitude determines behavior. Personality determines fate. "

Butler culture

Bulter (housekeeper) originated from the ancient French word bouteillier (wine bottle), and refers to the person who is in charge of bottling the wine in the house of the sommelier or a large household. Both Bottle and French come from medieval Latin buticula. As another name for buttis, cask is also the predecessor of the English word butt, which means large wooden liquid container.

Middle ages used wine barrels or wooden barrels, not glass bottles. Therefore, the original meaning of buttery (liquor storage room) is not the meaning of butter (liquor), but refers to the place where alcohol is stored. It was only later that the meaning of the word extended to the place where the food was stored. This may be because people misunderstood and accidentally connected the two.

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